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Braying Mobs and their Actions in the Name of Religion

A person is rational and thoughtful but people are just the opposite. I am confident that if one had a one-on-one conversation with the individuals who comprised the mob that attacked the US embassies in Egypt and Libya, these individuals would come across as human beings; however, as part of a mob, they are nothing more than braying animals. Diplomats facing the ire of individuals or groups angry at the actions of the governments they represent is nothing new, of course. US diplomats face it every day in posts around the world while foreign diplomats go through the same experiences in the United States. However, most of these actions are civil and not violent as most individuals understand that it’s difficult to conduct diplomacy when violence is being used as a primary means of communication.

In recent years, groups (particularly those alleging to represent Muslims) have used actions of US citizens to conduct violent actions against representatives of the US government. These groups do not understand the concepts of free speech and freedom of expression since their own governments forbid any such actions. The one consistent complaint one hears in these protests is how the US government could allow its citizens to do such inflammatory things and any discussion of how US citizens cannot (or should not) be prosecuted for expressing their thoughts or opinions is met with both surprise and derision. This makes the job of US diplomats around the world (and particularly in nations in Asia, Africa, and, in certain instances, South America) even more dangerous and their service even more commendable.

Muslims who take part in such actions show their uncertainty over the validity of their religion. These actions are akin to a closeted guy trying to act more heterosexual than straight guys because he knows that he’s living a lie. What I am curious about is whether Muslims think Prophet Muhammad wasn’t insulted during his lifetime or that he didn’t hear, and forgive, worse things. Do Muslims really believe that such actions actually disprove the point being made by some idiots that Muslims are irrational and their religion unworthy? The truth is their actions give validity to the points being made by these idiots and hurt their cause and their religion.

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