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Same Sex Marriage – Lets Conquer the Fear

Marriage has always been a peculiar institution. Is it a God given right or one given to citizens by their society? If it’s a God given right, then how can society impose any conditions on it since it’s not a society’s right to give? If it’s a right given by a society, then how come religious institutions are such a large part of the ceremony? Clearly, marriage is a mongrel institution i.e. a combination of religion and society and, as such, no one group has the authority or obligation to impose its own will on this institution.

Which brings me to the marketing of marriage. By this, I don’t mean the industries that depend on weddings; industries that generate billions of dollars in revenues and employ a large number of good but naïve people. What I mean is the marketing of marriage by society through the benefits that are available only to people who are married to each other. Clearly, society provides these benefits to encourage marriage because, as studies have shown, this institution encourages stability, long-term success and a large industry.

It would then make sense that a society, who should want every one of its members to succeed, would encourage this institution among all its members. Why would a society want to support the success of one group while discouraging the success of another? What kind of society does not want its members to be part of long-term and healthy relationships?

My theory on this is that members of society who do not support same-sex marriage do this out of a legitimate fear – that of everyone realizing that gay folks are better than straight people. I can understand this fear; as a straight man, I am envious of gay people – their looks, their sense of style, their success in multiple industries, etc. Therefore, I can understand the legitimate concern that allowing same-sex marriage would take this institution out of its current mind-numbing boring and suicide-inducing stage into something fabulous, hip, and modern.  I don’t know if we can conquer this fear but just think of how things would be better if we did!

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