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US Politics: Desperation will Win the War for Conservatives

The US election is over and the country’s political culture remains divided; Democrats retain control of the Presidency and the Senate while the Republicans remain firmly in charge of the House. On a local level, progressive social initiatives show a nation becoming more secular all the while giving Republicans a majority of the governorships. US voters have shredded the ideologues and shown themselves to be less partisan and more practical. On a personal note, I remain steadfast in my belief that most Americans are conservative in their personal lives but liberal in their attitude i.e. most may be pro-life but they don’t want to force their fellow citizens to be pro-life. This is what makes the US such a great country and why I am hopeful that talk radio hosts will eventually lose their influence, shows and livelihoods.

The latest fad in American politics is for the losing group to declare that they are leaving the United States for friendlier shores. For example, whenever a conservative candidate successfully runs for political office, liberals automatically declare their intention to move to Europe or Canada. This is a legitimate promise or threat, whether you land in the former or latter category depends on your political persuasion, particularly since since liberals don’t have a lot of things to carry across the borders. On the other hand, liberals also don’t have a lot of money and that may be the only thing preventing them from making such a move; as we all know, conservatives hold all the money in this country while liberals hold all the outrage and, unfortunately, one cannot sell outrage for anything, including a Hyundai. Regardless, my point is that liberals have genuine options and while this is a good thing, it is also why the conservatives will defeat them in the war for the soul of this country.

The conservatives will win because they are a people without any other options – they are like Richard Gere in “An Officer and a Gentleman,” i.e. a moronic pain in the ass who will come through in the end because he literally has nowhere else to go. Following the 2012 presidential elections, some conservatives mirrored their liberal counterparts and said that, since they were losing their country, they would move to Canada. These announcements have since quieted down, most likely because the conservatives have come to realize that Canadians are more socialist than Uncle Sam. Plus, half of that country speaks French! Europe, likewise, is also out because … well, its Europe. The only places left are in the Muslim world, China, or India. Given their past comments, conservatives won’t go to the first two and India is unlikely to welcome all those private sector loving Caucasians. So, since there is nowhere left for them to go, conservatives are left with no choice other than to work harder and fight harsher than the liberals and eventually win the aforementioned war. They can then start a fund for the liberals to move wherever they want – that way, everybody wins.

4 comments on “US Politics: Desperation will Win the War for Conservatives

  1. humanTriumphant
    November 21, 2012

    …and moderates have gotten eaten alive – as has the middle class upon whom the economic burden continues to land. The moderate middle class have held it all on their shoulders for a very long time, despite the foundation being consistently chipped away, now with all-out attempts to rip the carpet out from beneath (though it’s being pulled from both directions). Quite a juggling act it’s now becoming…

    • wbwise
      November 22, 2012

      Very true but that has always been the case. The difference this time is that wages haven’t risen correspondingly but have actually declined thereby preventing the middle-class from shouldering their historic economic burden.

      • humanTriumphant
        November 22, 2012

        yes & I’m concerned this very reality is creating a greater divide between the “haves” & the “have nots” than ever before. In essence, how can the lower middle class afford the fines levied against them for not having health coverage if they couldn’t afford the health coverage in the first place? To be covered by this health care system, they’ll have to become the poverty class if I’m correctly understanding the way this system has been written. Motivation and personal satisfaction in a job well done may dwindle among many whose shoulders are weary, as I already hear many rumblings of how “the government can just take care of me too.” Eek! With a dwindling middle class, a further increasing economic crisis is imminent. I pray I am wrong, but accounting is a rather simple math, and the numbers continually don’t seem to add up with fewer people to hold up the growing masses.

      • wbwise
        November 22, 2012

        I’m not too concerned about it. It has happened before in our history and will probably happen again. What I am concerned about is how I will pay for that new iPhone if my salary doesn’t increase. 🙂

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