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Terrorism: ISIS and the Marketing Proposition

isis groupEveryday brings a new story on how ISIS has plunged into previously uncharted depths of depravity. It’s obvious that things have got out of hand when that bastion of credible reporting, The Daily Mail, has a headline on ISIS every day.

Reading these stories got me thinking about who benefits from these stories. By publicizing ISIS’ actions on literally every delivery channel, is the non-ISIS world is letting this terrorist organization exponentially spread its word?

Free speech advocates will- should – say that by highlighting these actions, the world gets to see ISIS’ true sinister nature. This would be true if ISIS had a Buddhist image i.e. one that denounced violence unless it was dealing with Muslims in Myanmar.

Clearly, that is not the case. Aside from schoolgirls who want to travel to the Middle East to cook for and get laid by ISIS fighters, no one thinks this is a group that is interested in developing any sort of peaceful world.

So, what is the benefit of publicizing ISIS’ activities? Well, the first is it sells and sells well. Reading and/or watching these reports allows a regular beer-imbibing, couch-surfing, overweight, debt-ridden consumer to forget his/her loser-ish life and feel warm and safe in the coat of moral outrage.

Secondly, politicians can use this outrage to distract from their own failures to pass budgets and legislation. Plus, it gives them a viable target to distract from their ineptitude i.e. anyone with a beard and a weird name.

Thirdly, it gives the media something to attract viewers in this increasingly fragmented landscape … that is, until the next plane crash comes along.

Fourthly, it gives the defense contractors a new sales campaign; something they sorely needed after the global cuts in military spending.

Finally, this attention allows ISIS to transition it’s limited resources from marketing to operations because, and let’s be honest here, marketing is well and good but true success only comes from operational achievements such as beheading Christians or destroying statues.

So, in conclusion, this is a win-win: ISIS’ fabulous marketing campaign is reaping rewards for all parties. This is a rare event in today’s world which means that whomever developed the group’s marketing campaign can pretty much write their ticket in the corporate world once their contract with ISIS ends.

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