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United States: Confederate Flag Issue is a Distraction

Faced with yet more reason to resolve two major issues, the United States has once again shown it’s astounding ability to focus on immaterial issues.

After the terrorist assassinations of nine individuals in Charleston, the U.S. could have decided to blame domestic terrorist groups, lack of gun regulations, or the racist propaganda being propagated through multiple channels. However, as a nation we have decided to focus on changing which flags are flown on public buildings in certain states.

There are people who say that the confederate flag represents a history of hatred that racists use to hang their hate on. Until an actual racist comes out and says that removing the flag will remove their racism, I find this argument to be distracting and specious.

Distracting because the Idiot Roof didn’t use a flag to kill those innocent worshippers. He used the lies sprouted by racist groups (who no one is targeting) and legal access to guns (which no one is talking about).

So, why is the nation not focusing on issues that would make a real difference? Well, one reason is that it would force us to face some ugly truths and the American people don’t like ugly truths in general … especially if those truths would force changes in their behavior.

Then there is that whole issue of it being difficult and, as everyone knows, we like to do easy things and sweep the difficult things under the rug. That is what makes us the greatest nation on this, or any other, planet.

Finally, who has the time! There is a new Kardashian show on somewhere and they need our attention a whole lot more than nine people who are already dead. Bygones!

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