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India: Economy Slows but Defense Sales Retain Potential

Reflecting the structural weakness of the Indian economy, the country’s currency (Indian rupee) has fallen 20 percent since the beginning of the year. Consequently, the initial $37.7 billion defense budget … Continue reading

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Industry: The Consistent Strength of the Defense Market Continues to Provide Opportunities

The basic assumption behind multinationals corporations (MNCs) is that a weakness in one geographic region – setting aside the vicissitudes of market sectors – can be compensated by a corresponding … Continue reading

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India: FY 2013-14 Budget Intended to Help Congress Party Win Upcoming General Election

India is a democracy and the country’s fiscal year (FY) 2013-14 budget reflects this political philosophy as it’s designed to ensure the ruling Congress Party remains in power for the … Continue reading

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Middle East: United Arab Emirates Procurement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Signals More Opportunities for US Firms

Every defense contractor worth their salt knows that if they want to hit their sales targets, they should immediately move to the Arabian Gulf. With their enormous resources and real … Continue reading

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United States: Sequestration’s Impact Limited, Unfair and Ineffective

Over the past few weeks, elected representatives and US federal agencies have been very vocal about how the US economy and security will be damaged by the congressionally mandated budget … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia: High Oil Prices Keeps Easy Money Flowing but Economic Absorption Questionable

Saudi Arabia’s official 2013 budget rose by 19 percent as Riyadh continues to disburse large amounts of funds to restrain unemployment and placate a restive populace. Over 20 percent of … Continue reading

February 11, 2013 · 4 Comments