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Iceland: Bailed No One, Stiffed Creditors and Recovering Nicely

Four years after the collapse of the global economy, there are some glimmers of hope emerging from the doom and Iceland is one such sparkler. This tiny island nation has … Continue reading

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India: Increasing Investment in Government Debt Unlikely to Pay Dividends without Structural Changes

Global financial markets reacted positively to New Delhi’s announcement that it was raising the limit of foreign investment in government debt. As part of its efforts to spur capital inflows … Continue reading

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China: Increased Government Spending Raises Economic Projections but is it Sustainable?

Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) surveys undertaken by Beijing’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and the multinational banking and financial services firm HSBC show that China’s economic growth may be rebounding … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia: Good Luck Trying to Get a Saudi to Make House Payments

The news that global investors remain interested in parking their money in Saudi Arabia should not be a surprise given that the Kingdom is one of the biggest and fastest … Continue reading

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